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To help passionate entrepreneurs find their spark and grow a successful business

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Teaching entrepreneurs how to turn what they love into a successful business is what drives me.

As a former lecturer of Marketing for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) in the UK..

As someone who built a £4million per year revenue eCommerce business that went bust...

As someone who has since built a successful online coaching and consulting business...

I have gained huge insight and knowledge in the world of marketing and business growth.

I have discovered what works, learned what doesn't, and tried and tested hundreds of different marketing strategies, tools, and methods, to give my clients the best knowledge and advice to help them grow their business.

I focus on purpose-driven creators.

People whose passion and love for what they do is the fuel that drives them - making lots of money along the way is the added bonus!

Here you'll find details on where I've shared my knowledge as a guest on podcast interviews, articles and blogs, in hope of helping entrepreneurs all over the world on their journey.

Listen Up! Podcast Interviews

I've had the pleasure of being invited to speak on many podcasts. An opportunity to share what I know through interviews and as a guest speaker. Have a listen to some of them.

Using AI to Build a Thriving Business

Enlightenment of Change podcast with Connie Whitman

Growth – Is It Good Or Bad?

Join Up Dots podcast with David Ralph

AI Marketing and ChatGPT

Join Up Dots podcast with David Ralph

The Power of Purpose and Presence

Waking Up podcast with Brooke Sprowl

Being a Powerful Content Creator

Best Year Ever podcast with Rob Cressy

Brave Marketing

Build, Live, Give podcast with Paul Higgins

Being Heart & Mission Driven

Thoughtful Entrepreneur podcast with Josh Allege

Marketing, Introversion & Bias

Activate Your Introvert podcast with Jon Baker

Marketing Incubator & Coaching

Entrepreneur Conundrum podcast with Virginia Purnell

Big Results with Small Marketing Tactics

Win the Hour, Win the Day podcast with Kris Ward

Busting Marketing Myths

Live, Love, Engage podcast with Gloria Grace Rand

When We Change The World Changes

Bonfire Entrepreneurs podcast with Kajal Khurana

Create Every Day

Coaches to The Moon podcast with Alex Morris

Defining Your Ideal Client

Sales POP! podcast with John Golden

The Value Ladder

OMG I'm Launching podcast with Ken Westgaard

The Path to Awakening

Fiercely Brilliant podcast with Therese Skelly

$4million Crash to Inspired Business

Join Up Dots podcast with David Ralph

Find Your Spark

Work At Home Rockstar podcast with Tim Melanson

Turn Watchers into Buyers

The Gutsy podcast with Laura Wallace

Let's Go Win at Marketing

The Let's Go Win podcast with JM Ryerson

Read Up: Featured Articles & Blogs

My biggest motto is 'Create Every Day'. Writing my own content is part of my daily routine. I've also written for other publications and websites. You can view some of my articles here.

Conversion Marketing Feature

Conversion Marketing Expert Feature by Leadpages

My transformational story was featured by my friends over at Leadpages.

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