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A curated collection to help you build a successful business online.

Tired of trying to figure out what tools and resources you really need to build your online empire? 

Here's a list I created for you so you don't have to waste time and money guessing what works. I spend countless hours playing with all the different options to arrive at this list and it is constantly evolving as new technologies and tools develop.


Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means if you purchase via these links you don't pay any more, but I may get an affiliate payment as a result of you buying via my affiliate link. Be assured that I ONLY list software and tools I personally use and recommend.

Here is the technology exact stack I use to generate leads and sales in my coaching business like clockwork! 

Website - WordPress, WordPress Kadence WP theme, Elementor Pro page builder, and Flywheel hosting.

Funnels [Opt in Pages and Sales Pages] - Elementor Pro. [Segmentation and lead capture] - ConvertBox.

Conversion Optimised Checkout - ThriveCart. If you are building your funnel in WordPress then the UpsellPlugin is a simple and solid option too.

Learning Management System (LMS) - LearnDash for online courses.

Scheduling Tool - Calendly.

Video Conferencing and Webinars - Zoom.

Email Marketing and Automation - ConvertKit.

Analytics - Funnelytics and Google Analytics.

Productivity - Asana and GSuite

These are the essential building blocks needed to build your online eco-system - content, funnels and automation and create a successful online business.


In the final section below you will also find my entire personal library of tools and resources that I use in my marketing and technology stack.

Want Help Figuring Out The Tech?

High-Converting Website

Having a website that successfully converts visitors into leads takes a lot of careful planning and effort. Look no further than the following stand-out contenders for building your high converting website.



What started as a blogging platform has matured into arguably the best website platform on the planet. is a self-hosted CMS (Content Management System) that you can use to power your website for free. 


Whether you sell physical or digital products and courses online there are so many quality themes and plugins available. One of my personal favourites at the moment is Kadence WP Theme.


There is quite simply very little that this platform cannot handle in its stride.

Landing Pages & Funnels

Web pages built for one specific purpose - to entice visitors to take a single course of action, whether that is to download a lead magnet, book a consultation, buy your course, or something else. They convert higher than simply putting these calls to action on your website because they strip out all the superfluous information and distractions and focus on doing one thing, converting.


Elementor Pro for WordPress

Elementor Pro is a plugin that allows you to turn your WordPress website into a marketing machine. Publish conversion optimised landing pages (and complete websites) on any WordPress powered website. 


With Elementor Pro as your landing page builder, you essentially have a blank canvas to make whatever you need. Sure, you could use pre-built templates and funnels with ClickFunnels, but you don't have the same level of control over how things look.


I also like the Brizy page builder. In fact, this page was built with Brizy.

Recently, I've been building getting some wonderful results building landing pages with Oxygen Builder. This is a powerful builder favoured by the developer community, but not for the faint-hearted.

Email Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation software allows you to engage with your audience, via email, on autopilot. When a visitor submits their email address, it is the email marketing automation software that is used to deliver the lead magnet and nurture that relationship to convert the lead into a lifelong client.



ConvertKit is a light, lean email sending machine. There are plenty of automation features that allow you to do great and powerful things with your marketing.

Wherever you are on your entrepreneurial journey, ConvertKit is a stellar choice for you.

Additional Resources, Tools & Software

This is my personal collection of recommended resources, tools and software for building a successful business online. I spend countless hours testing and using the latest tools and software so you don't have to.


Funnel Blueprints

Scheduling & Booking