Why Should I Use A Value Ladder?

By Colin Scotland

Why should I use a Value Ladder?

The quick answer = If you want the best for your clients. You want to serve your clients. You want to transform the lives of the people you serve. The value ladder allows you to do that in spades.What is a value ladder?

"A value ladder is a method of mapping out your product/service offering visually in ascending order of value and price."

Colin Scotland

Why is a Value Ladder important?

Here are two reasons the value ladder is critical: Average Order Value (AOV) and Lifetime Customer Value (LCV).

These two numbers are critical to every business.

A value ladder allows you to create upsells and downsells and related products so you increase the amount of value you deliver whilst increasing the value of every single sale (AOV) and the lifetime value (LTV) of your clients.

Check out the examples of the value ladder in the video.

Can you see how this could increase your AOV and LTV? If not, watch the video again!

So now the question is not why should I use a value ladder, it's why the heck haven't I used this before now? And how do I go about creating one, right?

Check out this FREE VALUE LADDER WORKSEHEET I created to help you do just that.