Better Marketing. Better Business. Better Life.

Get Marketing Clarity. Realize Your Full Potential!

Find Your Spark. Never let it go.

Create a marketing engine with AI to drive your business.

Get coaching and guidance to create a marketing plan and seamlessly integrate ChatGPT and AI into your conscious business.

Find your niche, identify your ideal client, develop unique positioning, craft captivating content using AI, create compelling offers, and automate your marketing with AI solutions to save time and money so you can scale your message fast.

The result. Everywhere they turn, your clients see YOU as the ideal solution. You help more people and make more of a difference by doing what you love.

I help you create a marketing engine that is fully aligned with your values and mission!

3 Steps to AI-Enhanced Marketing Growth

Creating What You Want In Life and Business Is Simple…

Put Your Clients First

Get clarity on your why and the niche you serve…

…The first step to get your message out and create the business of your dreams… is to create a Marketing Plan with AI integration…

Be Outstanding

Craft compelling offers and captivating messaging and create valuable content that your target audience will love with the help of AI technology…

Put your gifts and AI to good use…

Work Smarter with AI

Use marketing funnels, email and automation, and AI tools to sell with integrity and reach new audiences with your message…

…Change more lives with your genius!

Colin Scotland

Meet your new Marketing Coach.

My methodology, deeply rooted in love, compassion, and integrity, prioritizes the person behind the business, rather than solely focusing on strategies and tactics.

This approach offers entrepreneurs a unique experience of both business success and personal growth.

Colin Scotland

Here’s what clients have to say…

Mastermind member Grant

“Colin is the man.  He is a marketing coach but also helps with guiding his clients down the right path to happiness.  Colin is truly an inspirational and solid guy.”

Brooke Sprowl

“I’m eternally grateful for your support and for helping me get to a point where I can stay in my zone of genius and delegate the rest. It’s been absolutely life-changing and so much is opening up for me.”

Kim Bowen

“You have completely turned our marketing efforts around and for the first time I feel we are spending money in places that are making a difference. I adore you! So easy to work with and you make me think. :)”


Create an AI-Enhanced Marketing Engine for Your Business

V.I.P. Marketing Coaching for Purpose-Driven Business Owners Like You.


Guided help with your why, defining your ideal customer and your unique value.

Map out your Value Ladder, level up your mindset, position yourself for success.

Craft a marketing strategy that is laser-focused on your ideal clients and how you transform their lives.


Implement a Marketing Plan that gets you where you want to go, fast!

Your messaging will resonate at a visceral level. Because it matters. 

You get maximum return from your marketing efforts.


Flood your offers with traffic, paid and organic via social media and measure everything.

Get measurable results every time with your Marketing Coach at your side every step.

Matter more to your audience and make a bigger difference.


“Colin has helped me to see marketing in a new light. Its job is to bring people toward your business, yes, but the most delicious part – and this is where Colin excels – is to make your public appeal be that which is authentic to you, thereby attracting the customers that you truly want – those who can help you to fulfil your authentic purpose.

Colin is a great force in this world and I’m so thankful to have him in my life.”


You don’t have to go it alone anymore!

Gain clarity & confidence to stride forward and reach your goals faster!

Conversion Marketing Certified Consultant

“Marketing is the generous act of helping others become who they seek to become.”

Seth Godin

Chartered Institute of Marketing