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Lead Generation on Twitter

Learn How to Generate Traffic and Leads on Twitter for Free, in just 10 minutes per day!

Stop struggling to get traffic into your funnel.

Drive Traffic into your funnel organically using Twitter.

There's nothing worse than creating a sales funnel and hearing crickets. 




Driving traffic to your funnel is critical and sure you could pay $$$'s in Facebook Ads but what if there was a better way?


What if there was a proven way to drive traffic into your funnel organically using Twitter? For free!


But that would take hours and hours of hustle wouldn't it?


Well, you may be surprised to hear that just such a system exists.


It is FREE to play. No cost involved in the process you will learn.


And it takes just 10 minutes per day to execute!


In this course you will learn the exact process required to drive exposure for your Twitter account.


Ready to tap into the power of Twitter to get more traffic and leads?


I reach over 500,000 people every 14 days using Twitter.


I get a consistent flow of traffic to my blog, subscribers to my email list. And most important of all, leads.


This is achieved in only 10 minutes per day!


Seriously, 10 minutes. Using a simple workflow that I have crafted and refined.


Learn the strategies and tactics I use to get a constant stream of traffic and leads. 


Get yourself seen and increase your exposure. 


Learn how to get traffic and leads via Twitter.

Lead Generation on Twitter is an instant access course for entrepreneurs who want to learn how to drive organic traffic using Twitter.


I will walk you through a series of video lessons showing you the exact process and steps to get exposure, traffic and leads in your business.


Watch over my shoulder as I guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

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Marketing is my Passion. Well, one of them. 

Entrepreneur, aspiring author, Christian, coach, Dad, husband, failure, musician, lecturer, sensei, scouser, marketer.

Colin Scotland

Colin Scotland 

BA (Hons) MSc DipM MCIM

You could say I've been around in the world of marketing a bit more than most.


I've lectured in Marketing for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) in the UK. 


Grown my own eCommerce business from zero to £4million per year revenue (before it went bust spectacularly in 2013).


I've since built a successful online coaching and consulting business teaching entrepreneurs how to make money doing what they love.


What people say about Lead Generation on Twitter

"The results of the Twitter strategy have been phenomenal! Within a month we have increased our Twitter following from relevant individuals and companies by 90%."



"My Twitter following has gone from zero to being on course to hit 20k within twelve months. Best of all, as a complete novice, I was so impressed with Colin's delivery style."


What you will learn inside Lead Generation on Twitter

A complete step-by-step course to get you more organic traffic

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Introduction and Overview

Mindset for Success - How to be an instant hit with your audience on Twitter.


Get Your Profile in Order

Setting up your profile the right way.


Twitter 101 - The basics of tweeting, re-tweeting, liking, hashtags, @mentions, lists, etc.


What to Say and When to Say it

Utilising different types of tweets to drive engagement.


What to say and when to say it. And how to automate everything.


The Follow Game

Learn a proven system to skyrocket your following, exposure and traffic.


The Engagement Routine

Learn simple workflows to turbocharge your Twitter engagement.


I share with you the 10-Minute Engagement Routine that will generate a consistent flow of traffic and leads for your business.

Is Lead Generation on Twitter right for Me? 

Lead Generation on Twitter is right for you if...

You are looking to get more traffic into your funnels and to your website.

You want to increase your exposure and establish yourself as an authority online. 

You want a way to get traffic consistently without paying for (or in addition to) Facebook Ads or Google AdWords.

You are looking for a way to build your email list and drive traffic on autopilot.

You are committed to doing the work required. 

You want to follow a proven process that is easy to implement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the course delivered?

Lead Generation on Twitter is comprised of a series of video-based lessons held in a secure online classroom. In addition to the videos there are swipe files, text lessons and additional resources to help you.

How long will it take?

The course is designed to be consumed in bite-size chunks, with exercises and tasks for you to complete along the way. You go at your own pace.


You could power through the course content in no time but the implementation may take longer. You will see positive results straight away, but need to create a content schedule, and follow the routines consistently for at least a month for best results. 

I'm new to Twitter will it work for me?

Absolutely, that’s exactly why I created it. Follow my steps and you will get increased exposure, grow your following and start getting traffic in no time.

What tools/software will I need?

You will need a free tool to create a content schedule called Buffer.

I don't have a funnel or a website, will it work for me?

No. This system is designed to create exposure to potential leads and clients on Twitter. You could use it to create exposure and grow your Twitter following but what would be the point? This system works best as a supplement to a solid content marketing and paid traffic strategy.

Can it replace Paid Advertising and Content Marketing?

No. This system works best as part of a solid content marketing strategy. For it to work best you should have your own content and funnels that you can drive traffic to. As it is entirely organic it is a slower process than the quick-hit of paid traffic so is not a direct replacement.

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