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Every day you're not integrating AI, you're potentially leaving growth and opportunities on the table.

The AI world isn't just evolving; it's accelerating. Miss a beat, and you might miss the next big thing.

Delaying AI adoption isn't just about being left behind; it's about giving competitors the edge.

How many opportunities have passed by because you weren't AI-ready?

AI's vastness can lead to decision paralysis. Without guidance, the risk isn't just confusion; it's making costly mistakes.

Results in an AI-driven market demand a different approach.

Few in your circle might grasp the importance, intensifying the urgency to get ahead.

Facing the AI challenge alone? It's not just frustrating; it's a roadblock to unlocking its true potential.

Everyone in our community has been there! You are NOT alone...


  • Harnessing the power of AI, optimizing every strategy, and amplifying your productivity...
  • A community of AI-focused innovators, all navigating the digital future together...
  • Unwavering support and AI-driven insights to keep you at the forefront of your industry...
  • Collaborative brainstorming with peers who understand the nuances of AI, pushing boundaries together...
  • Peace of mind that people who care have got your back... So you never have to flounder in isolation ever again as you gain support from entrepreneurs just like you.

Collaboration and support in Thrive & Serve

is the key to a new era of growth for you!

David Gauthier
David G.

Agency Owner, Montreal

“I love the structure, the over delivery is crazy. You offer so much to this community, it’s insane. I’m really stoked to be part of it. I almost feel like I am robbing you, paying so little!”


"The mastermind I could not be without...

Every 2 weeks on a Wednesday morning I spend 90 mins with Colin Scotland in his Marketing Mastermind, and it gives me so much joy because it is so much more than marketing and business.

After every session, I feel lifted, inspired, motivated, and clear on my purpose, vision, and the journey I am taking.

I always come away with a list of links to explore, tools to try, new prompts to run in ChatGPT, books to read, and an even deeper connection with the others.

It's a visioning workshop, marketing masterclass, therapy session, well-being retreat, and the best conversations with like-minded souls all in one place.

I get so much from it, but I also get to help others as we mastermind, brainstorm, and share our wins, challenges, and progress.

After today's session, my energy is vibrating at a totally new level! 🤩

If anyone is looking to join a mastermind - check out Colin's, I can't recommend it enough."

Jo A. Founder and CEO, The Marketing Collective

"The coordination of knowledge and effort between two or more people who work towards a defin