All Roads Lead To Rome

By Colin Scotland

From ages past we still use the phrase ‘all roads must lead to Rome’.

Have you heard the phrase?

It echoes a golden era in the history of civilization when the Roman empire reigned supreme over much of Europe.

Then, all roads would ‘literally’ lead to Rome, because, well, they built them!

Nowadays, we use the phrase to mean there are many ways to reach the same conclusion.

In the end, all roads lead to Rome.

Think of Rome, in marketing your business, as the big goal on your customer journey, the ultimate destination.

For coaches and other service providers, Rome is often a free consultation or strategy session.

Everything you do in your marketing should lead people to this, to Rome.

What is Rome for you?

Get clear on the ultimate destination, and the action you wish prospects to take to convert them into a client.

Create a Rome sales page.

Point to Rome in your email signature, in the menu bar of your website, etc. Point to Rome from EVERYWHERE. Subtle in some places, and wildly obvious in others.

As you continue to build out content around the customer journey, can you see how we constantly and intentionally lay out breadcrumbs for people to follow?

These breadcrumb trails and pathways lead people where?

You guessed it, Rome!

Keep creating those pathways for your potential clients!

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