Beyond Sight – Seeing with Your Soul

By Colin Scotland

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

Marcel Proust

I received a profound message during a deep meditation: "Your eyes don't work here." This revelation ignited a powerful exploration of how we "see" beyond the limitations of our physical sight. Our eyes offer only a glimpse of reality; true perception comes from opening ourselves to the invisible realm of spirit, where we connect with the divine within ourselves and all things.

Key Takeaways

  • We are more than our physical bodies. Our true essence lies in the invisible realm, a place of spiritual connection and vast potential.
  • Inner sight unlocks deeper truths. Looking beyond the physical allows us to perceive the interconnectedness of all things and the divine within us.
  • Spiritual growth is about cultivating your "inner garden." Nurturing your inner self through practices like meditation leads to transformational change in your external world.
  • The Law of Attraction starts within. Your energetic frequency (thoughts, emotions, vibration) shapes what you attract and create.
  • Energy is everything. Our thoughts, emotions, and the overall state of our being emit a vibrational frequency that affects our experience of reality.
  • Understanding the Law of Rhythm helps us flow with life. Everything in existence has a natural cycle, and resistance causes suffering. Embracing these rhythms allows for greater ease and alignment.
  • You are not your thoughts (or your eyes). True perception comes when we connect to the unseen aspects of ourselves and realize we are more than our thoughts and physical sensations.
  • "Be the change" is an inside job. Gandhi's call to action starts with embodying the positive changes you desire. This inner transformation ripples outward and inspires change in the world.

Understanding the Law of Rhythm

The Hermetic principle of Rhythm reminds us that everything has a natural cycle. Just as day follows night and seasons change, so too do our lives follow patterns. When we fight these rhythms, we create unnecessary suffering. Embracing them allows us to flow with life rather than against it.

Consider a moment when you're feeling sick. Frustration with your body is understandable, but adding self-judgment hinders your healing. Instead, recognizing "this too shall pass, this is a season of sickness" allows your energy to shift toward recovery. We can set intentions for the future while accepting and learning from our present circumstances.

The Power of Energy and Vibration

Einstein said, "Everything is energy." We are not just physical beings; we are also energetic beings. Our thoughts, emotions, and overall state emit a vibrational frequency. According to the Law of Attraction, like attracts like. Therefore, where we place our focus and the energy we cultivate greatly determines what we experience.

When we choose to focus on negativity, we attract more negativity. Yet, when we shift our thoughts and feelings toward positivity, love, and gratitude, we naturally begin to see and attract more positive experiences.

Next Steps

Today, I invite you to commit to one small action that supports your inner growth. Perhaps it's five minutes of quiet meditation, setting an intention for the day based on a positive feeling, or simply noticing your thoughts without judgment. Remember, every step taken towards nurturing your inner world ripples outward. You can catalyze positive change, starting right here, right now.

If the messages in this blog post resonate with you, please share them with someone who could benefit from its insights. Want to dive even deeper? Join my Creating Unlimited program, where we explore entrepreneurship, well-being, and self-development twice weekly!

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