Warning: Contents Could Rapidly Grow Your Business.

By Colin Scotland

If you are in business and want to get a better ROI (Return On Investment) from your marketing spend, this post will open your eyes to a new world of possibility.

Forget your competitors. What I am about to share with you will render those guys irrelevant. Seriously.

Your customers will only have eyes for you. Like a love affair. What I am about to share is the secret sauce to creating an online system that brings in leads and sales on autopilot.

10 Step Marketing Checklist to More Leads and Sales

Let me start by dispelling a myth. 

secret sauce

I’ve got a website. I’ve just got to get traffic to it, and I’m good. That is what most of your competitors believe.

This is the approach most marketers take. Build a website. Send traffic to it. Job done.

In fact, it is what most marketing agencies believe who sell website development or search optimization services. No surprise there then.

It looks something like this. Put your money into a high-converting WEBSITE. Then pay to send traffic to that site either through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising.

I call this nostalgic approach to marketing, well NOSTALGIC MARKETING of course 😉


nostalgic marketing

Now don’t get me wrong, if you have bottomless pockets you can have limited success with the ‘Nostalgic Approach’. You will get some sales.

The trouble is, the nostalgic formula used to work; this is why most people are still caught up in the myth. Heck, I used it to build my own eComm business to £4 million per year turnover in the early 2000s.

A nice website, plus PPC and SEO led me to multiple seven-figure sales. When the bubble burst that business went bust, I almost lost everything. But that’s a story for another time…

The trouble now is the landscape has changed. A website, SEO, and PPC are all still valid approaches, but relying on these alone is like trying to sell sand in the Sahara. Picture it. It is never going to happen. Wouldn’t you agree?

The next problem is something every entrepreneur on the planet wrestles with daily: time and money.

If I had more time, I would do this, if I had more money, I would do this.

If both were limitless, the nostalgic approach would work fine. Pour enough money into driving traffic to our expensive website; we will win. We will get sales.

In reality, time and money ARE in limited supply. That is a FACT we have to deal with, right?

EVERY PENNY YOU SPEND MUST COUNT, this is why the concept of ROI (Return On Investment) is fundamental in the game of business.

Spend $1, generate $10. That's a positive ROI. Spend $1, generate nothing. That's NOT GOOD BUSINESS.

So what if I was to tell you there is a way to attract customers to your business that doesn’t rely on nostalgic marketing and has better ROI?


An approach that puts the customer at the center, an approach that focuses on identifying and building relationships with the most profitable clients.

Real, emotional connections.

It converts visitors into leads and leads into customers infinitely better than the nostalgic approach. It is scalable.

And here’s the kicker.

It costs hardly anything to implement. Just a bit of time.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? It is not. Let me show you an example.


Meet Joe. Joe is an experienced consultant. He is an expert in his field. He has lots of clients, but with big plans for his business, he needs to reach and sell to more clients to realize his vision.

He knows he needs to tap into the massive potential that the internet brings.

Joe has a website. He pays monthly to drive traffic to the site and gets some business from it. His marketing consultant subscribes to the ‘nostalgic’ school, encouraging Joe to revamp his website and ‘try’ Facebook ads to drive more traffic as they are de rigueur at the moment.

6-Month Cost to Joe:
Website redevelopment $4,000.
Increased ad-spend $1,000 per month.

Cost for 6 months = $10,000
Results impact = MINIMAL

Joe will be lucky to recover his investment.

A lot of entrepreneurs are reluctant to pile money into marketing because they are stuck in nostalgic marketing thinking. The things that used to work in the past.

I know some who still pay for yellow pages and newspaper adverts! I know, bizarre isn't it?

Now I am not saying you don't need a website. I am assuming that you already have one. The new way AUGMENTS your current marketing efforts. And once you have experienced how well it works, it will form the CORE of your entire marketing strategy.

Let’s explore the NEW way.

visionary marketing

Joe profiles his ideal customer to discover the most profitable segments and to uncover the issues that keep them awake at night.

He creates lead magnets to address their critical issues. He alters the messaging on his current website to align with this new-found research.

He creates engaging content that his ideal customers are drawn to, promoting it on his social media channels.

Using Email Marketing Automation software, Joe collects visitors' email addresses on his website.

These prospects are sent a sequence of timed emails. Prospects are warmed up and pointed toward Joe’s online calendar to book time with him when they are ready.

Joe wakes up every morning and sees new people have subscribed to his email list. Joe's diary is constantly being filled up with new consultation requests.

These people are ready to hear from Joe. Ready for him to work his magic in person. Joe is good at that bit.

All of this happens ON AUTOPILOT. No manual intervention is required. Apart from creating some content, Joe hasn't had to lift a finger so far.

Let’s explore the 6-months cost to Joe:
Customer profile creation $0
Lead magnet creation $0
Content Creation $0
Social Media Promotion $0
Email Marketing Automation Software $49 per month

Cost for 6 months = $294
Results impact = HUGE

The visionary approach to marketing works. It isn't fiction. And it costs A FRACTION of what nostalgic marketing does.

Now, of course, there is a time investment here. You need to carry out the work to profile your ideal client. To address and solve their pains, and to write content and an email responder sequence.

If you are committed to getting more leads and sales and are serious about scaling your business, you will make time in your busy schedule. Bear in mind; this whole process can be implemented in no time at all.

What about managing social media and content on an ongoing basis?

Social media can be managed in 10 minutes per day. Seriously. 10 minutes per day (Mon-Fri) is enough to drive traffic into your newly created Lead Generation Funnel on social media.

1-2 hours per week for content creation.

So you have a choice, you can look back, or look forward.

You can follow the NOSTALGIC approach, throwing good money after bad. Or you can embrace the VISIONARY approach, and in less than 2 hours per week, achieve great results.

The visionary approach has a higher up-front time investment. But costs a lot less than the old nostalgic approach. And more importantly, the financial rewards after set up are HUGE. The ROI is much, much better.

Imagine waking up to new leads and sales every single day. This is the reality of the VISIONARY approach to marketing.

The visionary approach is not just about writing blogs and creating content for social media. That stuff works. But no. This is more than that. The visionary approach is a holistic process that focuses on the customer. Creating emotional bonds. And leveraging technology to create scalable, efficient sales processes in your business.


Are you ready to boldly go where none of your competitors has gone before?

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10 Step Marketing Checklist to More Leads and Sales