How To Communicate Your Message – Motivation

By Colin Scotland

Why do we buy anything?

What's the driving force?

What's compelling people to go and buy your products, your services, and what it is that you offer?

That's what we're going to look at today. I call it the driving force, and we're going to look at the reasons that motivate people to seek solutions to problems there are only three.

The driving forces of motivation become your marketing superpowers!

Let's dive into your marketing superpower. Now, when it comes to needs, drivers, and motivators, there are three main driving forces.

Once we have satisfied our basic needs, we all need to breathe oxygen. We all need water. We all need food. We need shelter. We need sustenance. We need safety. Beyond those basic needs, there are three drivers of motivation...

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Autonomy - control over time, life, own destiny

The first is autonomy. We all want control of our lives, of our destiny, because we're scared. We know that one day we're going to die and that scares us. We all search and strive for control, control over our lives, control over how we spend our time, control of our destiny, and control over the world, around us. We seek control and autonomy. This driver is really powerful in all of us because we all want to make sense of things. We all want to see order out of chaos.

We all want to find that peace of mind that comes with control. We want to control time. We want to control our lives. We want to control our destiny. We want autonomy. We want to feel like we're in the driver's seat. So how do your products or services deliver that? How does your product or service deliver autonomy to your ideal clients?

Growth - learn, explore, play, create

The second is growth. We all seek growth. We want to create. We want to learn.

We want to explore. We want to play. We want to grow as people, and as human beings. How does your product or service deliver growth?

Impact - purpose, make a difference

And finally, impact. We want to contribute. We want to make a difference. We want to have a purpose. We want to connect with a purpose. We want to connect with something greater than ourselves. And we want to fulfill our unfulfilled potential.

These are the critical drivers in the reasons that people buy what it is that you offer, it's not money or superficial things. They are surface-level wants and needs, autonomy, growth, and impact. These are the intrinsic drivers of our behavior. So how does your product or service link to these things?

Let's look at an example. OK, here's an app that collects all of your financial information in one place.

That's what it does. The app delivers all of your financial information in one place. That is product-focused, not client-focused. So with that, if we ask the question, what does that mean? What does that mean for me as an entrepreneur? It means that I don't have to go into five different apps to look at my accounts and my finances.

I can see them all in one dashboard. Wonderful. So then ask, what difference does that make? Well, that now saves me time. Gives me control, remember the three things? It gives me control over my time, gives me autonomy over my time, and allows me the freedom to fulfill my purpose.

The app allows me the freedom to spend that wasted time where it's better spent serving people and creating content, creating and delivering transformation, in changing the world.

So can you see in that really short example, how we've gone from an app that collects all of your financial information to me, changing the world? It's a big leap, and I've made it extreme on purpose just to demonstrate the point so that once you understand the drivers of purchase decisions, the drivers of people wanting what it is that you offer, you can use that understanding.

Use your new marketing superpower to position your offers in a powerful way.

With great power comes great responsibility, so I implore you, just as Peter Parker's uncle did, to use that power responsibly, go and make ripples in the world. And I wish you all the very best.

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