5 Ways to Get More Leads on Twitter

By Colin Scotland

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320 million. That's how many people use Twitter every single month worldwide.

While it may not be your entire market, it is a big enough number for you to sit up and take notice. Whatever business you are in.

Follow these 5 proven steps to get more leads on Twitter.


572,000. Another number. This is how many people I reach with my Twitter account @TheLogicalFox EVERY 10 DAYS.

twitter exposure

This kind of exposure takes JUST 10 MINUTES PER DAY and brings in a steady flow of leads and sales every single month.

I am going to share with you how you can do the same. These are the exact steps and workflow I follow on Twitter to achieve these results.


Five ways to supercharge your Twitter account so you can get more leads.

1. Client-Focused Mindset

The single biggest mistake I see entrepreneurs making on Twitter is in their mindset. If you approach social media or any of your marketing for that matter with a sales mindset, you will fail.

To be successful in business, you must first adopt the right mindset. Forget hard-ass sales tactics and the sell, sell, sell mentality.

If you can instead adopt the attitude of help, help, help then you are on your way to transforming your results.

The mindset shift is bigger than any tactics. It changes the game completely.

This attitude of help, help, help comes from Jay Abraham's strategy of preeminence.

You take the attitude of not waiting for money to change hands before you start contributing, guiding, and helping potential clients.

This is HUGE. Re-read the above sentence. If you embrace it fully then nothing you do will ever be the same again.

You will have taken the first steps to put the client at the centre of your business.

On Twitter, in practice, this new mindset means sharing content that will actually help your clients and potential clients. Helpful, interesting, informative and entertaining content.

Not JUST sales messages.

Of course, your sales messages can be there in the mix too. But ONLY when they are mixed in with a customer-focused mindset.

If you can truly embrace this step, I promise you your entire business will be transformed.

2. Get Your Profile In Order

The next step is to construct a profile that facilitates lead generation.

What does that mean exactly?

Well, it means having a properly filled out profile for a start. With a good quality profile picture that matches your brand.

Complete the bio area fully with a clear, concise description of who you serve and what you do. Remember, client-focused. Not YOU focused.

A good formula I have used with success is:

I am X, I help Y to achieve Z by doing ABC.

Fill in the blanks for your business and you have a succinct, one breath introduction you can use in your Twitter bio and at networking events too.

Make sure you include a link to either your website or a landing page.

Include a profile header graphic. There is a huge amount of real estate here. So use it to your advantage. Sell yourself.

If you can't create graphics yourself use a free service like Canva or Glorify. You have NO EXCUSE.

Don't leave the header area blank.

Next, change the theme colour to match your branding.

Don't know what colours you use? Go to this website and it will extract the HEX colour codes from your website for you [http://www.colorcombos.com/grabcolors.html].

Final piece of the profile section. Make sure you have a PINNED POST at the top of your profile. This should link to something that entices people looking at your profile to dive deeper into your world.

It could be your best blog post with a content upgrade that leads into your funnel. Or a landing page for your best lead magnet. Or a free course. Whatever your 'mechanism' is for getting leads in. It should be pinned to the top of your profile.

3. Content & Scheduling

Now you have the foundation of an awesome Twitter presence in place. You have the right mindset and have made the recommended tweaks to your profile.

The next step is to create a content calendar. A schedule that drips out content for you, on autopilot.

If you use a service like Buffer, or PostPlanner, or MeetEdgar you can create a queue of content en masse. This content will then be dripped out to Twitter at the scheduled times.

Removing a HUGE amount of manual 'tweeting' from the equation.

My preferred workflow is to have evergreen blog content on a continuous loop from inside of PostPlanner or MeetEdgar. This is your own evergreen content that has content upgrades and lead magnets and multiple opt-in opportunities for visitors. This evergreen content entices people into your funnel.

Then I compliment this with a Buffer queue.

Using the Buffer Chrome extension I "Buffer" interesting articles that I find on my travels.

How do I find content?

This bit is easy. Once you have your schedule in place you can fill it from all over the place. Here are a few suggestions...

You can create a Google News Alert for a keyword search. Subscribe to curated newsletter sites such as Refind, or Medium, or Nuzzel. Or all three.

Create a stream in Tweetdeck with hashtag searches or influencers who tweet relevant and interesting stuff in your industry.

With a little bit of research, it is super-easy to curate and filter the massive amount of awesome content into buckets that you can use to populate your content schedule in Buffer or PostPlanner, or MeetEdgar (or any other tool of your choosing).


Wow, we are getting there now. Mindset, check. Profile in order, check, content schedule, check. Next is a system for increasing your exposure.

This is something I call the "Follow Game". It is based on the premise that if you take your competitors or the major players in your industry, their followers will likely be interested in YOU.

Therefore, you systematically follow other people's followers.

This does 2 things. First, it increases your impressions and exposure, because everyone you follow gets notified and will usually check out your profile - See how having your profile set up with the link into your funnel is now VITAL?

Second, a portion of these will follow you back. Increasing your following and your influence on Twitter.


If you play this game every day. Unfollowing those who don't follow you back. Your Twitter following AND your engagement will skyrocket. Like magic.


Try it for a few days and you WILL see amazing results.

5. Engagement

The final piece of the puzzle is engagement. Once you have got your profile in order, are regularly tweeting great content, and are following influencer's followers you will see a massive spike in engagement.

As part of your daily 10-minute routine. Check your Messages. Most of these will be spammy auto-DM's that I hate. But you will get genuine engagement opportunities and leads come through here so keep a close eye.

After checking your messages work your way through your notifications.

Follow people who follow you back if they are interesting to you. Even if you don't follow them back. @Mention them in a tweet to show your appreciation and start a conversation.

Like tweets, you get mentioned in.

Reply to comments and @mentions. Start conversations with people. Be genuinely interested.

Engage, engage, engage.


BE CONSISTENT. If you show up consistently in the way I talk about here, you WILL get results. If you are ad hoc and a bit shit at executing. Guess what your results will look like? Yup, ad hoc and a bit shit.

You will get back what you put in.

Try Twitter hashtag chats to meet and network with other people on Twitter.

Create lists on autopilot using IFTTT.com to increase engagement and curate interesting stuff for your audience.

Use Twitter Moments as another way to curate interesting and relevant content for your audience.

Have fun, be social. Keep tweeting. Tweet to me @ColinScotland and let me know how this works out for you.

Stuck? Check out my Lead Generation on Twitter course that walks you step by step through the entire process.


Lead Generation on Twitter Online Course (1280 × 960 px)
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