ChatGPT For Coaches – A Day With ChatGPT As A Coach

By Colin Scotland

How Can ChatGPT Help Me in My Coaching Business?

I am answering that question by sharing some ways I use chatGPT every day, sharing the results I've got with my clients in the real world in just one day of coaching. I want to share how I use ChatGPT in my business daily by going through a day of real-world use cases with you.

I picked a random day where I had quite a few client conversations. And I listed out the ways that ChatGPT had helped me to help more people, which is what we want to do. That's the goal. Why wouldn't you get excited if it allows you to do that? Why wouldn't you afford the time to learn how to use it?

What Is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is what's called a Large Language Model. Artificial Intelligence (AI) trained on massive amounts of data. It uses algorithms to synthesize that knowledge and develop unique interpretations based on how we ask questions. In the case of ChatGPT, it is a chatbot, so you put text in, and it gives its answers in text format back to you.

In its simplest form, think of ChatGPT as having a really clever friend and a really informed person at your side who can guide you in infinite ways.

A Day in the Life of A Coach with AI

Let's walk through a typical day for me as a coach and how ChatGPT enhances my work and brings greater transformation into the lives of the people I serve. I want to show you so you can be inspired and motivated to help more people to serve more people.

After my morning routine of meditation, affirmations, gratitude, practice journaling, a little bit of reading, and some coffee, I sit and map out my goals for the day. These are the things that I want to achieve today.

On this particular day, I've got two mastermind groups and multiple coaching calls with clients. Between calls, I keep in touch with my email list and post inside my private Facebook group for conscious creators and coaches.

Creating A Social Media Post With ChatGPT

After typing my notes, I had an exciting thought about my motivation for AI and ChatGPT in particular. I had this bizarre thought, what if we play with the ChatGPT and ask it to assume the role of somebody really famous to create a motivational speech? And, of course, being English, Winston Churchill came to mind with his famous "we shall fight them on the beaches" address.

I asked chat GPT to create a motivational speech for conscious coaches about the possibilities and opportunities afforded by ChatGPT and by the AI revolution that we're experiencing right now. And the results. Wow, they just blew me away.

ChatGPT prompt to create a social media post

AI created such a powerful speech that sounded like Winston Churchill. You could hear the guy's tone in words created by AI. I also made a graphic in Midjourney (an AI image creation tool). Then I posted the final results to my Facebook group.

Social Media image created in Midjourney
Image Created in Midjourney

Ladies and gentlemen, conscious coaches of our great and noble profession…
We stand together on the brink of a new age, an age of unprecedented growth and boundless opportunities.

It is with great honor that I speak before you today, to inspire you to embrace the cutting-edge technologies that await us, particularly that of Artificial Intelligence and our esteemed ally, ChatGPT.

First and foremost, let us acknowledge the immense power of AI in amplifying our capacity to reach new heights in human understanding.

With ChatGPT at our side, we shall harness the vast knowledge and wisdom it possesses, allowing us to comprehend the complexities of the human psyche in a way never before imagined.

Let this union of man and machine herald the dawn of a new age in coaching, where insight and empathy are magnified a thousand-fold!

Secondly, we must recognize the tremendous potential of ChatGPT to democratize our noble profession.

No longer shall personal development be confined to the privileged few; with this extraordinary technology, conscious coaching shall become accessible to every individual, from every walk of life.

In this brave new world, the transformative power of coaching shall be as omnipresent as the air we breathe.

Lastly, let us not forget that as conscious coaches, we are the vanguard of change, the architects of human potential. It is our duty to wield the power of AI responsibly, ensuring that the ethical boundaries of our profession remain inviolate.

We must stand united in this endeavor, fostering a partnership between man and machine that elevates us all to greater heights of wisdom, compassion, and understanding.

And so, my fellow conscious coaches, I implore you, let us stand shoulder to shoulder with our AI allies, embracing the dawn of this new era with courage and determination.

Together, we shall forge a brighter future, a future in which every human soul is empowered to reach their fullest potential.

To this grand endeavor, I say: Onward, conscious coaches!

Onward, to a new age of enlightenment, understanding, and boundless opportunity!

Onward, with ChatGPT as our loyal companion, as we charge into the annals of history!

Created by ChatGPT

Mastermind Client: Niche Discovery Prompt

Next, I'm in my mastermind group at 9 am. There's a bunch of us in there. We check in, talk about our progress and the things that have come up for us, and celebrate the wins we've all achieved over the last couple of weeks since we met. When we get into the portion of the mastermind called the hot seat. In the hot seat, members bring a problem, and the group brainstorms solutions.

In this hot seat, we were looking at how a life coach solves problems for her clients. What are those problems? She wanted to deeply understand who her client is and what's motivating them to seek help. The mastermind was tasked with how do we dive into that. Some beautiful marketing brains are inside my mastermind groups, and the wisdom of the ages came out. The best ways to research these pains for their clients and practical strategies to get the answers.

While the group was discussing, I was using my Niche Finder ChatGPT prompt that I created recently and feeding in what the client was saying, their interests, the things that light them up, and their areas of expertise. I tasked chat GPT to suggest potential niches that would match the client's knowledge and interests and identify some of the problems those niches face.

I shared the results, and the client was blown away by the insights that came from the results. Here's an important thing to note, it wasn't the results themselves. The results themselves just showed potential niches and potential problems. The magic came from the interaction between humans and artificial intelligence, in the creative sparks it caused in both me and the people inside the mastermind group, where we were inspired to develop ideas and start new chains of thought. For me, as a coach, sparking creativity is the true power of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is a copilot, hyper-intelligent mentor, and guide you can lean on for advice and ask questions.

Coaching Client: Balancing Client Work and Business Development

After the mastermind, I have a coaching call with a client who is a videographer. As a marketing coach, my specialty is automation, email marketing, content creation, etc. This client is struggling with balance in his working life. He needs help with balancing client work and developing his business. He needs more time to build the future he wants for himself and to create digital products, and his client work has eaten up all his time.

We discussed work-life balance, setting boundaries, and creating a ring-fenced portion of his week, where he gets to focus on business development and then enter ChatGPT.

We ask ChatGPT how to create a balance, so that client work doesn't swallow us up. We still get to develop our businesses, develop our passion projects, and develop and work on the things that drive us and excite us. ChatGPT came up with some great outlines and some fantastic guidance. And then, we dove deeper into our conversation around boundaries and boundary setting with his clients.

ChatGPT prompt

We discussed boundaries and the importance of reframing expectations and his relationships with current clients. And with that, we asked ChatGPT to create a plan of action for us. How can we reframe our relationships with existing clients where boundaries are blurred? It gave some excellent advice about how to broach the situation. We created an email to initiate a conversation with the client and then a plan for handling the conversation politely, firmly, and professionally. And it was terrific. Boundaries aren't my skill; I'm a marketing coach. But we were able to help make a difference in that client's life in such a powerful way because we could lean on our very clever friend, ChatGPT.

coach prompt for ChatGPT

But it didn't end there. We also looked at ChatGPT's capabilities for creating script outlines, shot plans, scene setups, and B roll suggestions. And it was, again, another mind-blowing experience. This guy texted me after our session, saying this would save days of work every week. Once again, not to use the AI as it is, but to use it as a springboard as a foundation to do the heavy lifting of that creative work and allow you to be in full flow, effortless effort.

As a coach, what drives me is getting people into effortless effort, into the river of creative flow.

Coaching Client: Identifying Pain Points of Ideal Target Clients

In the afternoon, I had a coaching call with a consultant. We've been creating a content strategy using my Content With Intent framework, a framework I've developed that helps people become interested in what you do in a way that guides them toward becoming a paying client.

The discussion went to the pain points of the ideal target clients. We've researched and highlighted salient pain and problem areas for these organizations. And then enter ChatGPT. We engineer a prompt that asks for the pain points of this ideal client looking for this service.

ChatGPT prompt

The results were really insightful. They opened up my eyes and the client's eyes to new possibilities. And we both got really excited about what we could do with this further information. And it didn't end there. We circled back to the Content With Intent framework. And we used ChatGPT to create a posting schedule, where we post once daily, Monday to Friday. It made a table with a posting schedule for us. Also, it suggested different types of content for each CWI category based on the client's niche. How cool is that? That is pretty spectacular.

Coaching Client: Webinar & Program Launch Strategy

A couple of calls later, I'm on the final Zoom call of the day, and this call is with a coach launching a webinar to promote and get clients into her coaching program. I've got some experience running webinars, creating launch campaigns, promoting the webinar, etc. I'm a marketer, so that's a field that I've played in quite a lot. I jot down my plan, and then we test and sense-check that inside ChatGPT.

ChatGPT prompt

Again, I am blown away because chat GPT covers the things I've mentioned but also creates new sparks of opportunity, ideas, and ways to get more eyeballs on the webinar. We created an augmented launch plan for the webinar. So here, again, chat GPT has assisted me, it's assisted the client, and the result is a better plan for the launch.

I'm a marketing guy, and ChatGPT came up with ideas I had not thought of. We created a launch strategy for the webinar and a plan of action. This was outside of ChatGPT. But the results were fallout from the things AI had suggested that I hadn't thought of. The end result was a better strategy.

The Benefits of ChatGPT For Coaches

I hope these examples and experiences have been insightful for you. You see some ways that you may work with this new technology to enhance what you do, either with your clients directly or in your business as that expert advisor.

Here are some of the benefits I experienced that you can incorporate into your practice with this technology.

  • Save Time
  • Enhance Creativity
  • Support Clients
  • Research Markets
  • Communicate Better
  • Solve Problems
  • Create Content

In summary, I used ChatGPT to save time by generating ideas and action plans that would have taken hours, if not days, to create.

Using AI to create diverse suggestions enhances creativity so clients can achieve better results.

We used AI to tackle some difficult conversations. It helps us streamline our communications in those situations and create emails to create an action plan to handle a difficult situation.

You can see how I've used ChatGPT in various ways in just one single day.

You can see how it's helped my clients save time, be more efficient, and be more creative. It's enhanced their ability to communicate with clients to create boundaries, create content to create programs, and market those programs by helping us make the content schedule and plan. It's helped us in so many ways.

My coaching clients universally leave calls in much more exhilarated states because they are excited and inspired to go out and serve people and change lives. ChatGPT is instrumental in that.

Incorporate this new era of AI technology into your life and business to enhance how you transform other people's lives. Onward into the dawn of the AI era. In the words of our Winston Churchill speech - "Onward, with ChatGPT as our loyal companion, as we charge into the annals of history!"

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