Marketing for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

By Colin Scotland

Spiritual marketing aligns your higher purpose with how you communicate to and serve your audience. It is taking existing marketing principles and applying them from a spiritual-first perspective.

Your goal in life is to become the most authentic expression of self. Break free from the chains of traumatic experiences, learned behaviors, and limiting beliefs that stop you from becoming the perfect expression of consciousness and realize you can live every moment in bliss and ecstasy.

The voyage of growth and awakening is the journey every soul in the universe is on.


Through either the Buddhist term, Avidya (ignorance), the Hindu word Maya (cosmic illusion), or the Christian concept of Sin (the self as separated or estranged from God), the path to awakening is made blurry, so much so that some aren't even aware of the path's existence.

When your eyes open to the truth of existence, you awaken to the knowledge of what Buddha called the Four Noble Truths, and Jesus refers to it when he says, "the kingdom of God is within you."

This inner knowing will set you free.

For entrepreneurs, the journey of awakening or self-realization brings a new perspective and challenges to spreading your message with integrity and authenticity. All manner of internal conflict arises around your ability to deliver your true message as the inner critic questions, "who do you think you are?"

How, then, do these principles of spiritual growth translate into the world of marketing?

Most marketing we see out in the world feels off somehow; it doesn't feel right to the person seeking to serve others from a place of love and compassion. Most marketing we see and experience feels dirty, deceitful, and disingenuous.

The dead willow tree is brittle and stiff, and when the storm comes, it snaps and breaks into pieces because it's hollow and empty inside. There's no life, no vibrancy. Something needs to be added.

For someone on the spiritual path, marketing feels like the dead willow tree, empty, hollow, and something is missing. It can often feel out of alignment with your higher purpose, out of integrity, and just plain wrong. Yet you see the apparent success of others and feel compelled to do the same things because you believe that is the key to unlocking your own success.

Nothing will work as it should when you focus on doing what you think you should rather than genuinely expressing yourself from a place of integrity. This is where tension and frustration with marketing methods and processes creep in because you need to get the results you see others getting, but you don't. It's painful because it calls your very being into question.

When you are you, unashamedly and unapologetically, in your marketing, you get closer to becoming the most authentic expression of yourself. Bringing this critical ingredient into your content and your marketing messages is the essence of spiritual marketing.

Spiritual marketing is the epitome of what it means to be authentic.

Colin Scotland, Spiritual Marketing Coach

Authenticity isn't something external that you can mimic on the outside by acting in a certain way or doing a particular thing. Authentic communication is internal and invisible. Authentic messaging comes from the place of spirit.

When you are without pretense and operate your business from a genuine place of connectedness, you breathe life into the willow tree, and your marketing comes to life.

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou

When you speak, the power of your message does not come from the words you say but from the energy you convey on a spiritual level.

When you create content from this energetic perspective, you are no longer creating what you think someone needs to hear to buy or what some guru told you to say because it worked for someone else. You start from a place of higher purpose with compassion that drives you to serve others on their journey toward enlightenment and self-realization. You create from your place of integrity and authenticity. The marketing tactics might look similar on the outside, a webinar or a video course, but the secret invisible ingredient is entirely different.

All your efforts in life and business are one and the same. Rather than pointing your focus to the outside world, turn your focus inward, take that learning and inner growth and express it as content, products, courses, coaching, etc., in service of others.

Your practice, your habits, your perspective, and your marketing efforts will become aligned.

You will breathe new life into the marketing activities you undertake.

Because you feel aligned, your energy will change, and you will express yourself with more surety and certainty.

Marketing tactics will become secondary, as what you say will resonate more deeply and profoundly with your audience. People will get you because they can feel you and see the eternal spark inside them reflected through your journey and your message.

You will roar like a lion because you have found your authentic voice as an awakened creator.

Marketing will become effortless.

Connectedness and the individual journey of awakening are more than the essence of spirituality in marketing; they are the very lifeblood.

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