Map Out Your Digital Product

By Colin Scotland

“Neurons that fire together, wire together” Donald Hebb 1949 coined this phrase to describe the creation of neural pathways through repetition.

What does this mean for me?

Well, creator, let me tell you... That painting you want to try, the new language you want to learn, the online course or business you want to create, ALL of it is possible because of Hebb’s law.

'Neurons that fire together, wire together’ means you simply have to fire the pathways in your brain enough times for connections to be made. Pick up the paintbrush and paint [replace picking up the paintbrush with what you want to do or become].

Most people fall down at the first hurdle, picking up the paintbrush.

I’ve lost count of the number of entrepreneurs burning to create an online course or program who allow that fire in the belly to fizzle out because the next bit feels impossible.

Fire in the belly is significant, but it’s not yet an actual start.

Getting started is the start.

Making and breaking and re-making is the start you need and path you have to be on to accomplish anything.

Don’t get me wrong, the fire is important.

In fact, the fire is essential. The fire and passion and reason you are pursuing these goals will carry you through when things break, which, inevitably they will.

Staying centered and connected to your purpose will make you try again when everything goes to sh#t, which, inevitably, it will.

Don’t let your fire go. Hold on to it. Nurture and channel your passion and purpose into actions.

Actions take you towards the goal you want to achieve.

Don’t just think about painting, purchase paint, brushes and a canvas and schedule time in your day to actually do it.

Don’t just think about learning a language, go start a course for 15 minutes a day, now.

Don’t just think about creating that online course, sit now with a 25 minute timer (pomodoro method) and write the outline of the journey your course will take people on.

Who is your digital product for?

What is their prison state? What problem will your course solve?

What is the paradise state? What will their life feel like AFTER they’ve played with your course?

Once you have completed the Prison and Paradise states, map out the steps in between. What are the big steps they must take to get from one side (prison), to the other (paradise)?

The steps you lead people along form the outline of your digital product, your course, your ebook, your unique process, or your program.

Check out the Prison to Paradise exercise and worksheet.

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