Create Every Day

By Colin Scotland

These past few weeks I’ve been playing with my cameras and mic setups (more than usual), learning to edit by editing more, changing cameras, and playing with different video ideas. It has been frustrating, and also a lot of fun.

Creating regular content for my YouTube channel is now beginning to feel empowering rather than daunting.

Creating content makes you feel you are making progress. Things are coming together.

I have this reminder on my desk…

Making content has to be part of a structure that leads your ideal client towards Rome — the ultimate destination. Rome could be a course sales page or a page where people set up a free strategy call with you (a conversation).

What Rome is for you will depend on you and your goals.

The journey of transformation you take people on will determine the content you create.

Content will either ease people along the chain of beliefs or educate and show people part of the transformation itself. All of this is part of the buyer's decision-making process.

Foundational pieces of content = Pillar Content.

Pillar content is essentially the info they need to be educated on, so they are ready to buy, AND gives them help in the areas you work.

These two areas are the basis of your entire content creation strategy.

Make sure everything you say is related to one of these two things. This is your baseline. These are the pieces that steer prospects to Rome in your world. All the other stuff, life, random content, whatever becomes at the moment / behind-the-scenes content that shows people you are an actual human being. This creates the connection and solidifies the decision in their minds that you are the answer to their problem.

You must always be you. Don’t try to be someone or something that you are not. What you say and how you show up must come from a place of congruence. This is why connecting with your purpose is so critical.

You speak then, from a place of integrity and coherence. You are consistent in our outlook, in what you say and do, you are authentic in your actions and in the content you create.

This authenticity resonates with your ideal clients. With people who are attracted to you. It is not content for content’s sake. It is intentional.

Your content shares an important message with people who need to hear it.

Your content should serve and help people on their journey in the same way paid products and services do. They are the same. The content you create IS part of your offer. If you have no content, you have no offer. At least not one that will resonate and get traction.

I know it may seem daunting like there is too much to do or you are too late to the party, so let me share this Chinese proverb…

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is today!”

Create every day! Starting today!

If you have created nothing today, stop what you are doing, take out a pen and paper, or a camera and create now…

Allow the creative process to be messy and unstructured. I remember my book coach sharing this writer's saying that stuck with me ‘draft ugly, edit pretty’. Allow your process to be messy, but do it. Today, and again tomorrow, and the next day and the next.

Set an intention right now to create every day you get to wake up and draw breath. You are so blessed. Realize it. Act upon it. Create every day…

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